Welcome to Verified Beef

Verified Beef (VB) is an independent third party offering verification services for cattle producers. This verification is needed to export beef to many countries and can add value to your calf crop.

We offer 4 main verification programs for cow/calf producers:

    • Age & Source Verification

    • Non Hormone Treated cattle (NHTC)

    • Never Ever 3 (NE3)

    • Grassfed


Additional certifications can be stacked to the above programs including:

    • Calf Management

    • Cattle Care & Handling

*Reputation Feeder Cattle®

A NEW audited program which combines your herd’s 10 year genetic history, Age and Source Verification and documentation of ranch level management practices to identify value for both the ranch and the feedyard.

  1. • Age and Source Verification
  2. • Calf Management
  3. • *Genetic Merit Scorecard®

We also offer:
  1. • Stocker/Backgrounder verification for all 4 programs
  2. • Knowledge of the issues affecting beef producers
  3. • Industry leading customer service
  4. • NHTC Feedlot certification
  5. • Feedlot certification

*Reputation Feeder Cattle® and the Genetic Merit Scorecard® are NOT PVP Certifications.